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Primera 160

Primera 160 samlestifter for arkoffset
Primera 160 Saddle Stitcher

As the most powerful saddle stitcher in the mid-range segment, the Primera 160 saddle stitcher from Muller Martini is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and, thanks to comprehensive process monitoring, it provides a high level of production reliability. The high production speed of 16,000 cycles per hour in all run lengths and wide range of sizes, makes the Primera 160 a powerful all-round machine. Thanks to its ergonomic design and modern control concept, the Primera is extremely user-friendly and is quick to set up. Machine operators particularly appreciate the clearly laid-out setup wizard, which considerably cuts the setup time to a mere seven-step process.

The advantages of the Primera 160

Powerful with high net outputs
Rapid changeover for outstanding flexibility
Ultimate process reliability to ensure production reliability
Ergonomic operation
JDF/JMF-compatible to CIP4 standard
Low-maintenance, service-friendly
Customer-oriented layout and configuration options

Fully Automated
The feeder, gathering chain, stitching machine and three-knife trimmer are all synchronized automatically on the Primera. The optimum engaging positions is calculated using the sizes submitted – the units are then automatically engaged in the correct duty cycle. It also features the fully automated format setting. The signature stop in the feeder, stitching machine, three-knife trimmer and stacker are quickly and automatically set to the required size and synchronized, which means this saddle stitcher is set up and ready to produce the new job in the shortest possible time.

Single Gathering Chain Ensures High Productivity
To ensure it can deliver reliable and efficient production at speeds of up to 16,000 cycles an hour, the Primera 160 is equipped with a single gathering chain. The close fitting feed for the signature enables the signature stability to be improved when being conveyed.

Customized Product Setup
Besides its high productivity, the Primera 160 also sets itself apart through its flexible production capabilities – products in the A7 to A3 size range can be produced in a range of customized variations – even in two-up or three-up production. A versatile conversion trolley means that folder feeders and signature feeders are incredibly easy to transfer so the machine can be prepared for the new job. The 382 mobile merchandise tipper increases the number of product make-up variations; it can be quickly inserted into any position without much extra work to tip-in cards, merchandise samples and CDs.

Production Reliability Is The Key
A comprehensive process monitoring system is vital when it comes to achieving high net outputs, which is why the Primera 160 offers extensive quality checks to ensure impeccable stitching quality, complete products and considerably less production waste. The new Smart Stitch Control not only checks whether staples are present, but also that they have the correct shape.
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