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Presto II

Presto II samlestifter for arkoffset

Presto II Saddle Stitcher

The Presto II Saddle Stitcher is based on the proven and successful line of Muller Martini entry level saddle stitchers. Very efficient and flexible runs can be realized at speeds up to 9,000 cycles per hour. The space saving layout combined with a high level of automation makes this saddle stitcher the most productive and efficient on the market for small to medium size runs. The robust and reliable Presto II features the latest in ergonomic design. This allows good accessibility and ease-of-use of the saddle stitcher.

The Presto II Saddle Stitcher has many competitive advantages:

Easy-to-learn touchscreen operation with language-neutral pictograms through to the setup wizard
- automatic synchronization of gathering chain, feeder, stitching machine and three-knife trimmer
- automatic synchronization of yoke timing
- assisted setup of feeders through local control device
- storage and loading of jobs
Speeds up to 9,000 cycles/hour
Expansion by up to six twin feeders
Large product size range
Small size of 93x60 mm possible in two-up production
JDF/JMF-compatible in accordance with the CIP 4 standard
Robust construction

Easy to operate
The Presto II features a very large and easy to use touchscreen. From feeders to trimmers, the operator is guided through each step of the job setup – making setup easier than ever.

Premium quality
The Presto II has two options for book thickness control. Lateral thickness measurement, Semko, checks every copy based on a reference value. Incomplete copies are rejected unstitched, reducing waste. The second option for book thickness control is the ridge caliper.
Length monitor and staple control are part of the standard Presto IIconfiguration. The saddle stitcher also has electronic product tracking, from the gathering chain to trimmer, to increase production reliability.

Reliable stitching unit
The Presto II Saddle Stitcher utilizes servo drive in the stitching unit and trimmer to create faster setup times and increase flexibility. The changeover of the newly developed Q stitching heads is very short and the stitching wire can be set up very quickly (changeover time reduced by 50%).

The Three-Knife Trimmer for a clean cut
The set-up of the three-knife trimmer without tools is a key feature of the Presto II. Elements of the high-speed three-knife trimmer from Muller Martini were adopted in the contruction, which makes setup for two-up production very simple. The new cutting sequence and an ergonomic design allow for easy viewing and quick access to the trimmer and infeed.

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